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Well my name is Amanda-Kristina and I made this site in memory of Michael Cuccione. I became a fan like most other did, when I saw 2gether. The movie was amazing, the show was hilarious, but the little kid with the big heart is what I remember most. I know it's been a difficult thing for many of us fans to handle but we just all need to remember never to forget. Whether or not sites are updated or anything is shown on the tv, there are a few of us  that will never ever forget Michael Cuccione.

I am a current student at Cathedral High School and have little time for updated my site. I am a senior in the process of applying to colleges and am just growing up like everyone else. I will not close down my site but doubt that will be able to update it. When I first made the site I was 12, now I'm 17 going on 18 in a week. Damn, time sure has passed. I can't believe that this all happened when I was so young and it puts things into perspective because Michael died so young. A week into being 16, and he lost his life. I can relate to losing a loved on to cancer since my grandpa had died of it 3yrs previously and just last Feb, '05 my grandma passed away of it as well. Supporting the cause is important because many more people die of cancer each year without smoking or having any unhealthy habits. It's a disease that needs to be stopped and everything anyone can do to help is appreciated. Please support the MJC foundation and any other foundations you can help out with, thank you....

Name: Amanda-Kristina
D.O.B: 03/27/88
Nicknames: Mandy K, Twiggee, Missy, Kris, and Pip.
Hometown: New York City!!!!
Siblings: My younger bro Franky the Gangster
Hobbies: playing basketball, singing, dancing, sleeping (im lazy), rollerblading, shopping, talking on
the phone and online, going to punk rock concerts, and going to yankee games.
Eye color: Light/dark brown
Hair color: Brown, Reddish-Blonde
Zodiac sign: Aries
Likes: Cute boys (lol) um sports, music, t.v., and sleep (hehe)
Dislikes: Ugly boys (lol) nah um drug-dealers (crackheads) chickenheads...(you know stuck up girls that bug me) smokers, Oh and those liars... lol
Fears: Sharks, going to the doctor (dont like injections) and airplanes (im scared)
Religion: Catholic
Musical influences:.Good Charlotte, Senses Fail, Simple Plan, Greenday, Silverstein, and of course 2gether...
Fave food: McDonalds!!!!! yea fast food rocks!
Fave drink: Pepsi, Water, Sprite, Orange juice
Fave animal: Dog, Bird, and dolphins...wait dont forget Shamu!
Collect: Magazines
Fave movie: um Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (i like ompalompas), Grease, Star Wars Epi. 2 (attack of the clones), The Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Carribean, Jeepers Creepers....
Fave actor: MICHAEL CUCCIONE Matthew Perry, Jim Carrey, Billy Boyd, and Orlando Bloom
Fave actress: Jennifer Love Hewtitt, Sarah Michlle Gellar, Jennifer Aniston
Fave shows: Friends, Everybody loves Raymond, Real World, Gilmore Girls, TRL, The Osbournes, Charmed, All Things Rock, Seinfeld, Baywatch (dudes are hott)
Fave color: Baby blue and Black
Qoute: "So many guys n so little time" sound familiar? lol
Fave sport: Basketball and watching baseball...
Fave sports team: NY Yankees (well duh)
Fave female singer: Avril I guess..Not a big fan of the chick singers.
Fave male singer: Justin Timberlake
Fave rappers: Eminem (not a rap fan)
Fave musical group: Good Charlotte
Fave songs: The Young and The Hopeless, Change, Bloody Valentine, and the Festival Song-GC, Perfect-Simple Plan, Losing Grip-Avril, No Strings Attached-NSync, Adams Song-Blink 182,
Fave book: Mmmmm the Michael Cuccione one- There Are Survivors-The Michael Cuccione Story and The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
Fave magazine: A.P., Threat, J14
Fave music videos: Festival Song
Fave type of music: Mainly Punk Rock but I also like pop so I guess pop-punk
Fave subject: Lunch (and um gym)
Schools attended: SCG-the best school, NOT!...Now Cathedral H.S.
Least fave subject: Every subject lol...Glob Hist, Algebra, Bio, Spanish, you name it...
Friends: Steph, Stacy, Arleney, Ashley, Monet, Ross, Luciana, Isabel, Marissa, Natalia, Jennete, Margaret, Vanessa, Mabinty, Odetta, Alyssa, Kyssa, F.Michael, Mark, Kev, and all the rest of ya'll..
CHS girls, ppl @ SCG
Who is hot?: Joel Madden
Who isn't hot?: 50 Cent...
Vanilla or chocolate: chocolate
Britney or Christina: Brit
NSync or Bsb: NSync
Fave song to sleep to: Say Anything, VISUALIZE
Fave song to get hype: Festival Song, East Coast Anthem
Song that bores you: Oh gosh, classical songs or country (but not Tim McGraw he the man lol)
Fave Disney Character: Goofy