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Young Hero
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A Young Hero
Michael Cuccione - a young hero (By: Dominik) I think that Michael Cuccione is a real hero! His life is a heros life. He has undergone many painful operations and procedures, and Michael still might have more to come. With all of what he has been through, it is just unimaginable how he has survived and helped make a difference in the lives of other people with cancer. Michael should be admired forever. Michael was born on January 5th, 1985 in Burnaby, B.C. His mother and father were Domenic and Gloria Cuccione. He had one brother and one sister, Steven and Sophia. When Michael was 9, he found out that he had cancer on the same day his brother, Steven, had his birthday. A week before school, Michael had his hair shaved off. At school he was called names constantly. His teacher let him wear a hat in class. On December 12th, 1994 a test result showed that he was cancer free! But on June 23rd, 1995 the cancer returned. On July 31st, he had a bone marrow transplant. On January 9th, 1996 another test showed that he had no cancer. On February 22nd, Michael was chosen as the BCTV/Dairy Queen Saturdays child of the month. On March 2nd, Michael was shown on BCTV; he got the award and a 00 gift certificate. On April 23rd, he had an x-ray taken; the x-ray showed a small spot in his lungs the doctor said that Michael might have pneumonia. The next day the doctor told them that it wasnt anything serious. On June 25, a CT Scan showed that he was clear of Hodgkin's Disease. On July 21st, his friend from the hospital, Stephanie, died. On September 15th, the news came that another friend from the hospital, Melinda, died. In October, Michael spent a week in California. While on the trip, one of his dreams came true: he was allowed on the set of Baywatch. On April 10th, 1997, Michael met with Prime Minister, Jean Chrétien. On April 20th, Michael received The Leaders of Tomorrow Award; he was the youngest ever to get the award! On June 8th another friend Alex passed away. On July 11th, they were shooting the Baywatch episode with Michael playing as Charlie. On November 21st, the second annual Michael Cuccione Foundation Fundraiser was held. Michael donated ,000 to British Columbias Childrens Hospital.
Overall, I think that his life was like a heros; he was lucky that he survived. Theres just no asking, he is a hero. Michael had lots of painful operations like the bone marrow transplant and others. He was lucky god let him live. I guess God knew what Michael was going to do in the future. Theres a small chance that Michael might still have cancer in the future but I hope God and Michaels guardian angel will do something so Michael doesnt have anymore cancer. Michael has been through lots and lots of things that I just cant imagine how he couldve survived. He has made a big difference in peoples lives. So far, I think that he has raised over 0,000 for people with cancer, which is a lot. While he had his second fight with cancer at age 10, Michael somehow managed to make a speech at his school. More than 500 people listened to it! He had a message for his fellow students: To the healthy children I know youre all good-hearted and feel badly for the others. You have to live a normal life, but dont think youre better than the sick children, those in wheelchairs. Dont treat them differently. To the sick children he said: Dont give up hope. Your mind is very powerful. Tell your body youll make it. Be positive and keep faith. Remember, youve been through one tough time and when another one comes along, tell yourself, I will make it again. Work harder, think harder and pray harder As the answer to the question I think that Michael is a hero. I hope he doesnt have any more cancer and I hope that nobody else does in the near future. If you want that to happen, sponsor any cancer foundation especially the Michael Cuccione foundation and help to make a difference! If you want any more information on Michael read his book "There are survivors"