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What Happened?
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What Happened?
Hodgkin's disease
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January 13, 2001

On January 13 of 2001, 8days after Cuccione's birthday he died due to lung failure brought upon by pneumonia. 6 weeks before the day of his death, Mike and his mother had been in a car accident. He entered British Columbia's Children's Hospital shortly after for an operation to repair his diaphragm and eventually caught pneumonia. His uncle, Steve Cuccione, said that he was expected to make a full recovery when he entered the hospital. But weeks later, he was still unable to breath without a respirator. His lungs were weak from the chemotherapy he endured to fight Hodgkin's disease as a child. He was a 2timer in beating cancer but as the 3rd time came around he lost his courageous battle against the disease's damaging effects.


This is from an email I received on March 16, 2001

Fundraiser for Making A Difference: The Michael Cuccione FoundationMichael Cuccione had a dream. His dream was to find a cure for cancer. Fighting off two bouts of cancer before his 12th birthday. Michael hoped his tale of survival will make the world a kinder place to be. Not only did he want to create better awareness of Hodgkin's Disease, He wanted to tell everyone that came in his path that illness was not the only obstacle he had to overcome. " I want to send a message. You see when I was bald I was teased. When I did sports, I coundn't keep up. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable because some kids might laugh. They have to understand what the other kid is going through or even when they're in a wheelchair. We shouln't be treated differently. "What is normal anyway? Sadly on January 13, 2001, Michael lost his battle to respirtory complications conflicked upon him from the chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant, and a spout of pneumonia. He will be missed dearly. We as Michael's Fans can not let Michael's dream never be. We can all come 2gether and help support his foundation. I was reading on message boards, fans that wanted to send in donations but felt that a few dollars woundn't be enough. So I thought that if we all came together we can send in a very speical gift of donations that came from all of Michael's forever fans.So I made these Michael Magnets in loving memory of Michael. They have an unforgettable picture of Michael w/ a beautiful message that brought tears to my eyes.
They are very good quality.
They are $5.00 each ( that includes s&h )
All proceeds are being forwarded to the Michael Cuccione Foundation. Along to the foundation your name will be sent to indicate who donated. Methods of payment: personal checks, money orders, cash. Please make all checks payable to: The Michael Cuccione Foundation.
Mailing address:Stephanie Carson
Po Box 905
Standish, MI 48658
Thank You for reading this. Let's keep Michael's dream alive
Please e-mail me if interested at

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