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2gether and Messages from Evan Farmer


The band was formed by Bob Buss who was kicked out of the music buisness by a group called "Whoa" He had a couple of days to get a band together and perform at Jacksonville in a mall. Bob got 2gether Jerry a.k.a Evan Farmer- the hearthrob, Chad a.k.a Noah Bastian- the shy one, Doug a.k.a Kevin Farley- the older borther, Mickey a.k.a Alex Solowitz- the gangster, and Qt a.k.a Michael Cuccione- the dewy-eyed younster. When they arrived ta the mall the guys were told that they weren't going to perform because of the sleeze ball who took over "Whoa" (the name ____s doesn't it?)Well 2gether stole the stage and were given a deal with What-Ev records as they left Bob Buss.They currently have a Tv series on MTV which is hilarious. Although a ficitonal boy band they are great.

Hey everyone this here is important to me and I think ya should read what I have to say. I just finished recieving Michael's book "There Are Survivors" and I think that all of you fans out there should buy it. It's my favorite book at the moment and I cant put it down. It's the saddest story you will ever read and the most inspiring. In the book Michael said "One person can only do so much, but together we can do much more. And I'm not leaving: there's to much to do." He was always positive and was a huge people person. He was active in many sports and just did not take his life for granted. He also had said when he was told the cancer was back "What are my chances now? Am I terminal?" but he wasn't. Michael put up one heck of a fight and won twice. The third time was difficult and he finally lost. He did make a difference just as it was his dream. No one knew he was suffering because he hid it with a smile and kept on with life. His mission in life was probably completed cause he did more at 16 than normal people do at 53 or 60. He is known as a young hero and inspiration to many.

2gether have had a lot of success. With an MTV Movie out and 2cd's as a group...2gether Again was released on 08/29/2000....and their MTV series was aired sometime in August of 2000...there were two seasons of the show... users: does anyone know what ever happened to the website? i can still enter through the community board and all but the main page isn't accessible... Board

A MESSEGE FROM EVAN FARMER GOTTEN FROM EVANFARMER.CC : I am sorry it's been a while. I've pretty much fallen out of the loop for some time while my head clears and until I thought of something to say. Well, my head hasn't cleared, and I still don't quite know what to say about this tragedy. For the most part, I've sat back and just witnessed the incredible outpouring of emotion, support for those touched by Michael and all he's done, and all the beautiful thoughts which have expressed in different ways how special Michael was to everyone who knew him, and often to those who just knew of him. I saw Nigel a few weeks ago, and I think he summed up most beautifully, Michael's impact; he said "We had nothing to teach Michael, and everything to learn from him." He's right. But not because Michael had done more in his sixteen years, than most will ever do, not because everything Michael did (especially his gift of enetertainment) was truly a selfless gift to others, but because every minute of every day of his life, he lived honestly, positively, forgivingly, and careingly; because he was just a great kid who wanted others to smile - therefore HE smiled, who wanted others to really live - so HE really lived. Michael did everything in this vain, yet he never preached to anyone. He didn't have to because his example was so strong. Michael may have only lived to be 16 here on earth, but he has left a legacy that will last forever. I feel lucky and honored to have shared a piece of this time with Michael. Thank you all for your kind and careing words! I will continue to cherish them! Sincerely, Evan

Hello again! Its been a while so I thought I'd try and answer a question or two if I could...but first I wanted to thank you for all of your great letters. If it takes me a while to get back to you its because I do read each letter you send! ALSO, IF YOU ARE REQUESTING AN AUTOGRAPH FROM OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES, PLEASE TAKE THE LARGE ENVELOPE THAT YOU SEND TO ME FOR MAILING THE PICTURE TO YOUR POST OFFICE TO GET THE CORRECT POSTAGE FOR AN 8x10 PICTURE TO BE SENT FROM LOS ANGELES BEFORE PUTTING IT IN YOUR LETTER TO ME. I KNOW THAT FOR A PICTURE TO BE SENT TO CANADA FROM HERE ITS 85CENTS AMERICAN POSTAGE (Cabnadian stamps don't work). Otherwise, if you live in the US, the directions for including a large envelope with a 55cent stamp for me to mail you the picture still apply!!!! Thanks for your help! As for the questions regarding the the 6th episode not airing. Both the producers of 2gether and MTV chose not to air that episode primarily due to the following reasons: One reason being is that there was a lot of material regarding QT's character that was not appropriate to air in light of the tragic loss of Michael who (as you all know) portrayed that character. I think they felt that the themes in the last episode regarding QT, if aired, would simply make people feel a little uncomfortable and confused and because there was really no way to edit around those parts, they chose to withhold the episode instead. I also wanted to assure those of you who asked about the horrible rumor regarding Lauren Smith (Jerry's Girlfriend) passing away - that I spoke to her a few moments ago and she's very well indeed! In fact she just completed another Movie Of The Week called "The Wedding Dress" that's due out in July! Well, I hope that cleared things up a bit! Again, thank you all for such kind and thoughtful letters and posts! Till later! Evan

Every minute, every hour
I just can't get you out of my mind
No matter how hard I try
Every day, every night
I wish you were back in my life
Can we give it just one more chance
This time?