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Young Hero
What Happened?
Hodgkin's disease
About Me
Visualize Mike

Some qoutes from Mikey

Michael/QT Qoutes
Go dipe you baby brother old man!

Michael- I'm not leaving (even though you did in a way, we miss you)

You can't tell me what to do. I'm through with taking orders. I am the master of my own destiny. (then stomps and gets mad)

I should had taken her down!

No, rough stuff boyz.

I thought you would finally be proud of me. (crying)

I'm Mickey and I'm mad at everyone about everything. (when Mickey lost his temper)

Dude, we're gonna get so many chicks, and I'm totally ready for them, check this out...

Hey guys, wait up, I'm going to find some chicks.

2gether what a joke.

Drop Dead.

____ that puppie!

He looks weird! Is he from Europe?

Na man, you know how to party.

Dude! I look awesome! (when they were shooting the video and he was with a women's body lol)

You used to beat me up, but you never hurt me until now.

We want Doug Back!

I'm dieing of a chronic liver disease.
Well I couldn't just pick one, so I thought the whole team would be better. Plus! it doesn't hurt if they know how to pass the ball around a little. You know what I'm saying? Know what I mean?

So many girls, so little time.

Hel-lo naked girls!

Shut your ass Doug! (when they were playing each other)

Yeah being in that room was totally cool. 'Cept I wish there were girls in there and that there wasn't enough sleeping bags. So me, and a girl, would have to share one.

She thought I had chiggers! So she hadda check me all over. All...over.

Oh QT, you're the best looking member of 2Ge her. Shhh...don't speak...

This ____s bunnies don't eat any body.

Bilary Thrombrosis

I'm so excited. We're doing awesome. Plus, my disease is in remission. Ok, that last part, it's not true. But we're doing awesome.

You plus me baby!

You're screwed dude!

You can't do this! I'm a Make A Wish kid, and I wish to go with them!

Wow, I feel....weird.


More qoutes coming soon!

Close you eyes. Visualize the mosy beautiful boy that could be...