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News on Michael and 2gether

1st Annual Michael Cuccione Cancer Foundation
Golf Tournament
Held at Greenacres Golf course in Richmond, B.C. Canada
Wednesday, July 31st 2002

The Michael Cuccione Foundation in New York Just opened up this chapter. On Friday, October 12th, they are having their first annual Fundraiser dinner, and on Sunday Oct.14th, they will be having a walk-a-thon. (both events will take place on Long Island)

These are two great events that would really make a difference. For more information contact -

On August 29, 2001 "Charlie" will be given at 4pm on USA's series baywatch 4 those who missed it before.

Also be sure to stop by a book store (Barnes N Noble) because the Anthology of Awesomeness has been released.

A scrap book on our favorite guys "2gether" and to keep Michael's dream alive forever.

Old News:Hey everyone I missed the baywatch episode on Mon 8,2001- if your wondering which 8th it was in January-long ago, just a couple of days before Michael died. It featured Michael playing "Charlie" so if you find any more info on that episode please mail me..

U + Me Baby!!!!